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Walk Training & Behavior

If walking your dog has become a stressful and painful task, we can provide a solution! Our certified dog trainers can take your dog for TRAINING WALKS where your furry friend will learn essential leash skills. This way, you can start enjoying your time with your dog without the stress and hassle of a misbehaving pup.

It's important to remember that walking politely on a leash is not a natural behavioral trait for dogs. They prefer to explore freely at their own pace, often faster than ours. Walking a dog on a leash is a societal construct and only a problem in the human mind, not for the dog.


With our Walk Training & Behavior PROGRAM, we address the following for a more harmonious walk between you and your best friend:

  • Walk POLITELY on a leash without any issues while passing other dogs or people

  • Do not get concerned about NOVEL stimuli such as seeing a stroller or hearing a car backfire

  • More ENGAGEMENT with the handler (check-ins)

  • IGNORING distractions like other dogs and friendly humans

  • Promoting the CHOICE to walk and sniff

  • The use of REAL-LIFE rewards to reinforce new skills

Taining Walks

How Walk Training & Behavior Works


Why don't you come to my house?
Do you offer packages that include less than six sessions?
Do you work with behaviors other than walking on a leash?
Is my reactive dog the right candidate for thi program?
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