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About Us

At Two Dads Dog Training, we're passionate about dogs of all breeds and their well-being. Our team consists of experienced behavior specialists and certified dog trainers who love what they do. We believe in creating a fun and positive training experience for dogs and their owners alike. Our methods are truly positive, force-free, and science-based that result in a solid human-dog bond.

Picture of Michael who is caucasian and in his mid fifties.

Michael Cunningham

Certified Dog Trainer

Picture of Luis who is hispanic, with cinnamon skin color and in his early fifties.

Luis Rosa

Certified Behavior Consultant

Before they founded Two Dads and a Dog in 2016, Luis and Michael spent years working with their own dogs, observing their behavior, their responses, and their personalities. They attended dog training schools with world-renowned dog trainers and leaders in the industry like Pat Miller and Victoria Stilwell.  With their combined knowledge and years of experience, and now with the brand name Two Dads Dog Training, Luis & Michael share with dog owners their unique approach that influences dogs' ability to listen and learn.

Once your dog learns how to listen, they can learn. You’ll be leading the way instead of reacting to unwanted behaviors, behaviors that, in many cases, might have been inadvertently reinforced by their humans. The coaching Two Dads Dog Training offers can help you create a new type of connection with your dog.

Learn more about our Dog Trainer Certification.

What We Do and Do Not Guarantee

The training and behavior modification services offered by Two Dads Dog Training are designed to meet the individual needs of clients and their dogs.  Successful training depends on the level of commitment and compliance of the owner, which combines learned skills and ongoing practice.

Professional dog trainers with high ethical values like Two Dads Dog Training DO NOT guarantee dog behavior. 

Animal behavior (including that of humans) is never fixed or static--it changes depending on circumstances and environment.  Even well-trained behaviors are at risk of fading over time without REPETITION & PLEASANT CONSEQUENCES to the student dog.  In many cases of fear or aggression, although behavior may be modified, the dog emotions remain. Ultimately, a dog's behavior is the responsibility of the owner.

As a result of the inherent fluidity in all behavior, it is unethical to offer a guarantee of an animal's future behavior.


What We Do Guarantee

  • To work with YOU in a customized fashion and develop a training plan tailored to your goals and your dog's needs

  • To provide HONEST professional services of the highest standards

  • To develop and apply training programs using positive reinforcement methods and the LIMA principles

  • To continually assess our knowledge, experience and qualifications and work within our professional limits

  • To continue professional DEVELOPMENT through reading, conferences, workshops and seminars, and other continuing educational opportunities

  • To treat all animals and clients with RESPECT, taking into account their physical and psychological well-being, and honorng client's wishes regarding the training of their dogs

  • To respect the PRIVACY of our clients and hold in confidence all information obtained in the course of professional services, unless otherwise agreed upon in advance

  • To incorporate RESPONSIBLE dog ownership standards in all training programs

  • To strive for client satisfaction and address all concerns in a timely, thoughtful and respectful manner

  • To dedicate our best efforts to the resolution of your current training challenge

Happy Clients

We highly recommend anyone with a puppy to consider their course! Mike and Luis are excellent, so friendly and full of knowledge!

D Lutz

I discovered Two Dads and a Dog by a chance internet search and boy, have we ever lucked out! Michael is a fantastic trainer! His training approach has helped me learn how to develop an even deeper bond with my dog.

L Medarac

I had a private lesson with Luis for my reactive pitbull mix.  Luis is very thoughtful and gentle. I feel more confident now with his advice. 

I Navrotskaya

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