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Individual Sessions

We offer customized dog training services to fit your dog’s unique needs. Our Essential training plan is the perfect starting point for all dogs, and we offer optional Advanced training for those who need it. We’re here to help you and your furry friend build a stronger bond and achieve your training goals. Questions about the plans? Check the plan details or contact us.

Plans & pricing
Essential Plan ($240)

The positive training every dog needs! Insightful, fun, science-based, and practical. You won't need aversive devices that stresses your beloved dog.

  • One 90-minute (approx) core session 

  • Each additional dog is $85

  • In-home training, on your schedule, where your dog's struggles occur

  • Virtual session at a discounted fee

  • Exclusive "Less-than-5-minute" approach

  • Your dog responds to your cues immediately

  • A better-behaved dog in the first session

  • Training for up to three dogs

  • Get the ongoing support you need

* Please understand that there may be a travel upcharge for services beyond our 20-mile radius for In-person sessions.

** Virtual sessions offered at dicounted rate.

Plan Details

Essential Plan

Essential pan

We understand that each dog is unique and requires a personalized approach to training. That's why we start all NEW CLIENTS off with a 90-minute consultation to assess their dog's behavior and create a custom training plan.

The main focus of our core training plan is to enhance the communication between members of different species, you and your dog. Once you learn the basics of dog language, we will help you IDENTIFY (#1) new behaviors to reinforce in your dog and (#2) OPTIMIZE your dog's learning by making new and practical environmental cues that will align with your goals.

We will go through some basic information, your goals, then answer your questions and start working with you and your dog.  For behavior modification, we take a history of your dog, determine what is causing the behavior, and show you how to help your dog learn alternative behaviors with the power of REWARDS-BASED TRAINING. Virtual Essential Plan can be booked at a discounted rate

We will show you fast results for you to maintain and GRADUALLY transfer responsibility to your dog. We are confident in your human-dog team success going forward!

Once this core program is completed, you may opt to purchase additional sessions as needed.


Advanced Plan

The Advanced plan is optional additional training that follows the Essential plan. The Advanced plan is completely flexible and based on your individual needs. The objective is to build your confidence, to prepare your dog for more responsibility in challenging scenarios, and to make prior training second nature.

The Advanced Plan includes virtual or in-person follow-up sessions to refine techniques learned in the Essential Plan.

Each session lasts about one hour and can be customized to target specific areas of your dog's behavior. These can also happen ANYWHERE to help your dog generalize training skills. You can purchase individual sessions or in a package at a discounted rate.

We make sure our clients are happy with the changes we recommend and the long-lasting results.

Virtual Training

Virtual training consultations, which in fact are as effective as an in-person consultation, provide a convenient and accessible solution for dog owners with FEARFUL DOGS or who are unable to have a trainer visit their home.


By utilizing positive training methods and expert guidance, these sessions can help address and manage dog behavior effectively. Whether you are facing challenges with obedience training or behavioral issues, virtual consultations offer a valuable resource to get back on track in the comfort of your own home.

Here are some useful steps to prepare for your virtual training session:

  • Have your camera equipped laptop, desktop or phone located in a room large enough to work with your dog.

  • Be sure to point the device’s camera into the center of the room where you and your dog will work. We need a clear picture of you and your pet as we work through the session.

  • Make sure you have a strong internet connection before your session starts.

  • Try and find a quiet space with no distractions.


Service Area

Our service area for IN-PERSON sessions includes all areas within 20 miles from Brighton Heights in ALLEGHENY COUNTY. *


We offer a variety of dog training services that include basic obedience training, puppy training, and behavior modification. No matter what breed, age or problem your dog has, our personalized approach ensures the best results. Get ready to see your dog become a happy and well-behaved dog! 

Fearful dogs benefit greatly from VIRTUAL** sessions.

* Please understand that there may be a travel upcharge for services beyond our 20-mile radius for In-person sessions.

** Virtual sessions offered at dicounted rate.

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