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Dog Training

Is your dog’s behavior driving you mad? Let us help you teach your dog polite manners that’ll have your friends & family raving about “what a good boy” Fido is.


Day Training

It can be overwhelming to communicate with a new member of the household, and we could help lay that important behavioral foundation.


Puppy Training

There’s nothing more enjoyable (or frustrating!) than having a new puppy. We’ll help you mold your mouthy puppy into a calm & sophisticated canine citizen.



 Let us help you uncover why, teach your dog the path to good things and show you how to turn that unwanted behavior into a desired one.

Helping pet owners realize the joy of having a pet through fun & effective training that strengthens the human-pet bond.

Step 1: Schedule a [FREE] Initial Consultation

Initial Consultations set the stage for the rest of your training journey. See description below for exactly what Initial Consultations include. 

Step 2:
Get moving on your training plan

One of the things you will decide in your Initial Consultation is whether you’d like Virtual or In-Person sessions, Day Training, Private Training or a group class setting. You can mix and match or decide along the way.

Step 3:
Start seeing your dog's transformation

With your customized training plan and ongoing support from your trainer, you’ll start seeing results.

We’ll be here to support you at every step along the way.



Initial Consultations are FREE and last for  about 15 - 20 minutes. These are a required first step to setting you and your dog up for success. Initial Consultations include:

  • Quick discussion of dog's history, environment, and the circumstantial problem around your dog's behavior. We don't call these dog problems as your dog's behavior could be a response to her/his immediate environment.

  • Discuss your goals and concerns to develop a plan.

  • A recommended plan of action, based on your goals and the dog's history. Here we will suggest different options we can offer for your success:

    • Day training​

    • A number of 1-2-1 sessions (virtual or in-person)

    • Group classes

The initial consultation could be either over the phone or virtual. We highly recommend a virtual consultation for behavior management cases for one main reason: it is more helpful to see how your dog behaves normally without the distraction of a new person in his or her environment. This is key for a the management and training plan we will customize for you and your dog. 

Since our initial consultations are FREE, you can also schedule one if you're interested in group classes. We love to hear and talk about dogs ALL the time. Otherwise, we'd love to read your email and reply with options. 

Giving a Hand
Initial Cons

Who is TWO DADS and a DOG?

After struggling to find consistent & reliable pet care for their own pets, Luis & Michael started Two Dads and a Dog in 2016 to provide top quality dog training, dog walking & pet sitting for busy pet parents in Pittsburgh. More than being life-long dog owners & lovers, Michael & Luis bring unparalleled experience & qualification to Pittsburgh pet parents making Two Dads and a Dog an easy (& smart!) choice when it comes to dog training & pet care.

Ready to Get Started?

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