Co-founder of Two Dads and a Dog, a pet business company servicing Pittsburgh, PA. Luis has an MBA with concentration in Accounting.  With  over 20 years of experience in healthcare finance and audit, he now works as Senior Financial Analyst for a leading healthcare providers in the State of Pennsylvania. He has incredible parallel parking skills and loves kalamata olives.

Luis Rosa, MBA

Assisting key decision makers in the pet industry...


This section is for professional pet sitters and dog walkers who want to take their business to the next level by challenging their business in finding profitable ways to be different than the competition.

Knowing your numbers will help you stay on track of your business' goals.

Click below for templates I have prepared for business like yours.

growth indicators

Growth is fundamental to a business' survival. Roughly 66% of business survive their first two years in operation, about half make it to the five-year mark, and just 33% will celebrate their tenth anniversary. Those numbers are remarkably consistent across most industries - but they also highlight how important it is to plan for growth from day one.

The templates below can help with you identify key elements for your growth strategy in the pet industry of your area.


Productivity is the measure of a pet sitting company's ability to produce a service.


Although it is notoriously difficult to measure service sector's productivity, the spreadsheets included below can help you plan for projected demand of services for your business.

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Income Statement Face.png

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Income Statement

This template will help you with compiling financial activities of your pet business for this past fiscal period. You will see how your lines of business performed in terms of how much earnings your pet business generated, as compared to previous years. Any CPA would charge around $75/hour to compile this financial tool for you.

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Break-even point with Income Statement



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How many units--visits or walks--do you have to provide to cover your costs? Don't know? Then the template to the left can help you find out. It's the key to determining your pricing and profitability.

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It is important to have a good grasp of the financials and the profit business analytics before considering to grow your business. Understanding the profit margins of your business will help you in making smart and informed decisions. The template I developed can be used to  determine its profitability.

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Profitability Analysis



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growth indicators


Lifetime Value & Customer Acquisition Cost


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The customer acquisition cost (CAC) comprises of the product cost and the cost involved in marketing, research, and accessibility. This metric is very important as it helps a company calculate how important a customer is to it. The template also includes calculations for Lifetime value (CLV) of customers that is compared with CAC.

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