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Dog & Puppy Training for busy pet parents
in the greater Pittsburgh area.

If you’re anything like the Pittsburgh dog owners we help, chances are you’re busy with a demanding career & home life. When you add a rambunctious dog or puppy giving you problems, life can get downright overwhelming.

That’s where Two Dads & a Dog comes in.

Puppy Training Packages (20 weeks & under): 


Puppy Prep

Needing to get this whole “puppy parent” thing figured out? We can help you master the basics & set you up to raise a confident (& well-mannered!) Pittsburgh Pup. We’ll meet for 4 one-on-one, hour-long sessions to answer all of your questions & teach you necessary skills for raising a well-rounded pup.


What We’ll Cover: From sits & downs to potty training, socialization, & problem prevention, we’ll give you the basic knowledge & skillsets necessary for raising the perfect puppy.


Price: $350 (Virtual $320)

for 4, one-on-one hour-long sessions

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Polite Puppy

Ready to move on to more advanced skills so your puppy can behave around guests or in public settings? We’ll meet for 4 one-on-one, hour long sessions to set your puppy (& you!) up to become the perfect hiking companion or café dog.


What We’ll Cover: After mastering skills in our Puppy Prep package, we’ll give you solutions for everything from walking nicely on leash, to greeting new people & staying put while you sip your coffee at the café.




Price: $350 (Virtual $320) 
for 4, one-on-one hour-long sessions

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Dog Training Packages (21 weeks & older):


Essential Etiquette 1

It’s never too late to train your dog! Whether you have a rambunctious 5 month old needing some basics, or an older dog who needs a brush up on their skills, we’ll help you achieve your dog training goals.

What we’ll cover: We’ll show you how to tame your wild beast of a dog. From sits & downs, to stay, “leave it”, & keeping toes on the ground you’ll learn the basics of dog parenting.


Price: $350 (Virtual $320)

for 4, one-on-one hour-long sessions

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Essential Etiquette 2

Wanting to take your dog’s training to the next level? Let us help you turn your dog into the talk of the town (in a good way). We’ll show you essential skills to turn your dog into a sophisticated canine.


What we’ll cover: After mastering skills in our Essential Etiquette 1, we’ll teach you essential skills for an “about-town” kind of dog: everything from walking politely on leash, to polite greetings & some serious “go to bed” skills.

Price: $350 (Virtual $320)  
for 4, one-on-one hour-long sessions

Ready to Get Started?

If you're looking for a good socialization opportunity, click here to learn more about our group classes

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Cancellation Policy: If Client fails to give at least 24 hours cancellation notice, or is not present at time of scheduled 
appointment, session fees are still due. For a package deal, the session will still be counted as one session. 

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