Dog & Puppy Training for busy pet parents

in the greater Pittsburgh area.

If you’re anything like the Pittsburgh dog owners we help, chances are you’re busy with a demanding career & home life. When you add a rambunctious dog or puppy giving you problems, life can get downright overwhelming.


That’s where Two Dads & a Dog comes in.

Puppy Training Packages (20 weeks & under): 

Puppy Prep

Needing to get this whole “puppy parent” thing figured out? We can help you master the basics & set you up to raise a confident (& well-mannered!) Pittsburgh Pup. We’ll meet for 4 one-on-one, hour-long sessions to answer all of your questions & teach you necessary skills for raising a well-rounded pup.


What We’ll Cover: From sits & downs to potty training, socialization, & problem prevention, we’ll give you the basic knowledge & skillsets necessary for raising the perfect puppy.


Price: $250

for 4, one-on-one hour-long sessions

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Polite Puppy

Ready to move on to more advanced skills so your puppy can behave around guests or in public settings? We’ll meet for 4 one-on-one, hour long sessions to set your puppy (& you!) up to become the perfect hiking companion or café dog.


What We’ll Cover: After mastering skills in our Puppy Prep package, we’ll give you solutions for everything from walking nicely on leash, to greeting new people & staying put while you sip your coffee at the café.


Price: $250  
for 4, one-on-one hour-long sessions

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Puppy Pro

Want to ensure you’re doing everything you absolutely can to raise the perfect dog? After all, what you do in puppyhood can be pivotal in how a dog develops. From beginner to advanced, we’ll show you the puppy parent ropes.


What We’ll Cover: Get everything included in both of our puppy packages; Puppy Prep & Polite Puppy at a discounted rate!


Price: $500

for 8, one-on-one hour-long sessions

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Dog Training Packages (21 weeks & older):

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Essential Etiquette 1

It’s never too late to train your dog! Whether you have a rambunctious 5 month old needing some basics, or an older dog who needs a brush up on their skills, we’ll help you achieve your dog training goals.

What we’ll cover: We’ll show you how to tame your wild beast of a dog. From sits & downs, to stay, “leave it”, & keeping toes on the ground you’ll learn the basics of dog parenting.


Price: $250

for 4, one-on-one hour-long sessions

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Essential Etiquette 2

Wanting to take your dog’s training to the next level? Let us help you turn your dog into the talk of the town (in a good way). We’ll show you essential skills to turn your dog into a sophisticated canine.


What we’ll cover: After mastering skills in our Essential Etiquette 1, we’ll teach you essential skills for an “about-town” kind of dog: everything from walking politely on leash, to polite greetings & some serious “go to bed” skills.

Price: $250  
for 4, one-on-one hour-long sessions

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Pro Dog Etiquette

Are you wanting to transform your dog from “zero” to “the best dog ever”? Consider signing up for your Pro Dog Etiquette package. Your neighbors, friend, & family will thank you! What we’ll cover:


You’ll get everything from Essential Etiquette 1 & 2. From the basics to advanced, your pup will be a polite canine citizen.


Price: $500

for 8, one-on-one hour-long sessions

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Having Dog Problems? Book a
Behavior Modification Consultation

If you’re struggling to get your dog’s behavior under control, a behavior modification consultation may be the perfect solution to your problems. Meet with our expert trainers virtually to discuss what you’re struggling with. By the end of our virtual consultation, you’ll have an understanding of your dog’s behavior, what causes it, & a rock-solid game plan to move forward with.

- Nuisance Barking

- Jumping

- Biting

- Leash Reactivity

- Resource Guarding

- Separation Anxiety

- Shy/Fearful Behaviors

- Anxiety

Issues we can help with:

Free: 15-minute consultation (virtual or via phone)

$75/hour for dog training or behavioral modification sessions.

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