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Day Training

Our Day Training Program is designed for dog owners who love their pets but struggle with certain behaviors and don't have the time or knowledge to address them. With our program, we take on the responsibility of training your dog during the day, allowing you to focus on other commitments. This program provides a convenient and effective solution for improving your dog's behaviors while still maintaining a loving bond with your furry companion.


It offers a condensed and intensive training experience that allows us to achieve all of the goals typically covered in our longer programs, and even more. With dedicated and focused training sessions, we are able to address behavior issues and make significant progress in just THREE WEEKS. It is an efficient and effective option for BUSY dog owners who want to see quick results and make the most of their time.

Day Training

* Please understand that there may be a travel upcharge for services beyond our 20-mile radius for In-person sessions.

** Virtual sessions offered at dicounted rate.

Day Training Details

DT Details

The Day Training Program includes:

  • One Initial Consultation with the certified trainer to assess your dog's suitability for the program

  • Three 45-minute weekly training sessions done by the dog trainer

  • Three 1 hour transfer sessions done at the end of each week. You will need to be present at least once a week for 3 weeks in a row

  • Two 1 hour follow up sessions to cover any issues that may pop up and to continue the maintenance phase

  • Total sessions for the Day Training Program: 15 sessions


Initial Consultation – a 90-min session where our certified dog trainer answers your questions and discuss goals and basic informaiton of your dog. The trainer assess your dogs suitability for the program. Because your presence isn't necessary for the training sessions, it is important that your dog accepts the presence of the trainer. Fearful or dogs that show aggression towards humans may benefit with OTHER options like virtual training. See our Essential Plan for details.

Training Session – a session that normally lasts about minutes where the dog trainer installs new behavior in your dog to make your life better. You can be present or not.

Transfer Session – a session that lasts about 1 hour. You and your dog trainer meet to learn the commands taught to your dog during the week. 

Follow Up Session – this session lasts about an hour. You and the certified dog trainer meet to discuss any new issues or to make tweaks to the original training plan to ensure a harmonious life with your dog

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