Group Training Classes

Training is something we do with our dogs, not to them.

Attending a Two Dads and a Dog group class provides your dog with valuable social skills.

Once you register for our group classes, we encourage you to contact us at any time during the 5-week session with questions or concerns. We feel it is important for you to address dog-training issues as they occur rather than having to wait until your next class for help.

All training class sales are final and non-refundable. Please carefully consider your schedule when registering for a training session.

Puppy Classes

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Our classes meet at the Rose Barn in the North Park (near the boathouse). Check out the Group Training Schedule for details!


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Your puppy is like a sponge – totally resilient, eager to learn, soaking up everything he can about life and the world around him. Now is the time to encourage new experiences, to teach him what you want him to do, to establish trust in you and confidence in himself.

Puppy Manners - Part 1

Our 5-week interactive puppy class focuses on helping you learn about proper socialization techniques for your puppy as well as teaching basic good manners such as Polite Greeting, Sit, Down and Come, and real life skills such as Drop It and Leave It. Our goal is to set your puppy up to be a well-mannered, confident, adult dog.

$125 – 5-WEEK COURSE, includes 5 one-hour training sessions

Puppy Manners - Part 2

This course is for puppies that have completed our Puppy Manners One or similar course and know the basics such as sit, down, stay, and come. It is designed for puppies that are ready to work the basics in much harder situations. 


$125 – 5 WEEK COURSE, includes 5 one-hour training sessions

Adult Dogs

We have developed courses and workshops for dogs with little to no training or for those wanting to learn how to train their dog using positive reinforcement. This course is designed to teach your dog basic household manners; help you determine what motivates your dog and how to use that to quickly and effectively train the behaviors you want; teach problem solving for both you and your dog; build reliability around distractions such as other dogs, people, and noises; and  manage common issues such as barking and jumping. Our workshops are designed to help dog owners and their dogs address important behaviors that are sometimes more challenging  in nature due to the unintended reinforcement of unwanted habits.

Basic Manners

Your dog will learn behaviors such as sit, down, stay, come, watch, wait at doors, greet people nicely, leave forbidden items, walk on a loose leash, and drop items when asked. The goal is to have a well-mannered dog at home and when out in public.

$125 – 5 WEEK COURSE, includes 5 one-hour training sessions

Tricks for Treats


Tricks for Treats Class

Our Tricks for Treats dog training is a light-hearted class to teach you and your dog some fun show-off tricks like "rollover," "high five," "crawl," "peekaboo," “spin,” and much more.

This class is only limited to your imagination and your patience. Teaching your dog tricks keeps their mind active and strengthens your relationship. Many tricks even have practical use!

We offer 5-week classes at the Rose Barn in North Park (Allegheny County).   

$125 – 5 WEEK COURSE



Reliable Recall

Training your dog to come quickly and reliably is the most important behavior you will ever teach him. It can actually save his life one day. This 2-part workshop will teach your dog to come every time you call him – in short and long distance. You will learn how and when to use a “cue” word and how to build a reliable recall in the real world. We will cover training of emergency recall sound as well.  



Introduction to Canine Massage

The benefits of massage have long been studied in humans and the results in animals are proving to be the same. Canine massage is beyond petting your dog; it’s a holistic approach to improving the health of your dog at any age. Some of the many benefits that have been observed with canine massage therapies are improved blood flow, relaxed muscles, pain relief, reduce anxiety in dogs, among others. 



Loose-leash Walking

Walking on a leash at our side is not a natural behavior for dogs. A dog walking with a tight leash is greatly rewarding by itself, regardless of the type of collar used by the handler (flat, prong collar, etc.). Teaching a dog Loose Leash Walking is different than teaching behaviors like sitting or lying down.  



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Why Two Dads and a Dog?

We’re CPDT certified and members of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT). Some of our business values are: (1) commitment to providing values to our customers, (2) make integrity an important part of company, (3) treating all humans with respect regardless of religion, sex, race, nationality or other signifier, (4) protecting clients privacy, (5) providing excellence by delivering the greatest quality of service to clients and customers.

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